Americans May Qualify for a Debt Settlement Program That Has Big Banks on Edge

When Americans with more than $5,000 of credit card debt answer a few questions HERE, they may be surprised to learn they qualify for a large Debt Relief Program.

U.S. debt has exploded to over $12.73 trillion¹, ruining peoples’ lives with high fees and endless collection calls. A little known program is currently happening right now allowing U.S. citizens to potentially reduce thousands of dollars of credit card debt.

“My eyes teared up and my lips started shaking. I just ran to my bus stop crying. They called my boss at work demanding I pay $15,700! I felt like I was in a black hole, drowning. I just can’t take the stress of knowing I’m not doing everything I can to support my family.”² – Hannah Daley, Milwaukee, WI

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Our Mission and Who We’re Fighting Against

This is unknown to many, but if you or a loved one have $15,000 + of unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, and utility bills), then you may qualify for debt relief. This is a huge problem for large banks.

You see, banks don’t want you to know debt is negotiable. It’s in their best interest to keep you trapped making minimum payments.

Think about all the Americans stuck in massive debt because of medical bills or a relative taking advantage of their kindness. Don’t they deserve a chance to start over?

This is why it’s really a no-brainer to jump on this now. Collection calls and arguments over money could be a thing of the past.

But I Don’t Want to Take Out Another Loan or Ruin My Credit Forever!

Many people falsely assume they have to take out additional loans or ruin their credit forever using debt settlement. This is not only untrue, in fact it’s the opposite.

Can you imagine what being debt free feels like? They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but from all reports, being debt free allows people to live better lives. For example, couples who have no debt argue less and can do more fun things with their money.

Would you like to be one of them? Then take a few minutes to get access to the a debt relief program. It costs nothing, and won’t affect a person’s credit score one bit to their explore options. And it could save thousands of dollars.

This often overlooked secret to solving your debt could have a massive impact on your family’s future. Imagine being able to finally provide your family with everything they’ve always deserved.

Thousands of Americans with more than $15,000 of credit card debt could take advantage of a free debt relief consultation, but sadly most of them think it’s too good to be true. Remember, if you or a loved one have outstanding debt and/or receiving collection calls you may qualify for life-changing debt settlement. Instantly see online if you qualify for a free debt relief phone consultation.

Act Now Before Your Window of Opportunity Closes

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